Cinder: Lunar Chronicles, Book 1 First Impressions

I haven’t read novels for a long time.  I used to read a lot, both as a kid and as an adult but my reading has veered more towards the fanfiction variety in the past few years.  After reading a book review, however, it made me realize that I was missing something, just reading fanfics.  I was missing reading books!


I think the last time I read a book was in 2010.  Such a long time, I know, so I wanted to rectify that, and start a new campaign to read novels.  My preferred genre is fantasy, so I’ll primarily be reading those fantasy book series’ I’ve missed.  What’s up first?

The Official Book cover to Cinder: Lunar Chronicles, Book 1


Cinder:  The Lunar Chronicles, Book 1.  I’ve heard so many good things about this series, and I’m only four chapters in but so far they are all so true.  Here are my first impressions:


  • – Cinder is so amazing.  So far, she strikes a great balance between being sassy and strong, but having vulnerability, and overall just being a multi-layered character.
  • – I love all of the supporting characters! Iko is adorable, and Pianie is already so fun.  Both are great foils to Cinder’s matter-of-fact personality.
  • – The world building is fantastic.  It really feels like a whimsical world, infused with all of this cyber punk technology.  It feels like the natural progression of a fairy tale world, if a fairy tale world became technologically advanced.
  • – I love the narrator on this book. I decided to download it from Audible, and I forgot how much fun it was to have audio books on while you’re doing something, or while you’re going to relax.  I signed up for a free trial, and so far I’m glad I signed up for it again because I’m thoroughly enjoying my trek back into reading.
  • The pacing in this book is so great. There is no sense of information dumping, because we find out information through the natural progression of scenes and character dialogue.

I’m so interested to see where this story is going to be going, so far, I’ve enjoyed every part I’ve read!  I’m so glad that I chose this series to start with, so far it’s been a joy to read.  I’ll definitely be back with a full review after I’m done with the book.  I know for sure I’m going to finish all four books in this series.


If you have any good novels to recommend, please tell me!  My preferred genres are paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy, but I also love a good romance.  It floored me how many good fantasy novels were recommended to me on Audible just from clicking on The Lunar Chronicles, so I honestly can’t wait to read soooo many more books next year!

3 thoughts on “Cinder: Lunar Chronicles, Book 1 First Impressions

  1. If you like really interesting takes on fairy tales, I think you’ll definitely like it. I’m up to chapter 16 at this point and the plot just keeps getting better and better, and a really interesting mystery and over-arching plot is forming that you can tell is to set up the next books in the series but don’t detract from the narrative. So TL;DR, its great XD


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