My Top Six Anime Songs of 2016

I’ve watched a decent amount of anime this year, and every time I hear a song in one I love, I listen to it on repeat for hours and hours over a few months.  So, I thought it would be fun to do a list of my top anime songs that I heard this year, and can’t stop listening to.  These aren’t necessarily songs from anime that came out in 2016, but just from shows that I’ve watched this year that I really love.  So, in no particular order, my top 6 anime songs of 2016!


The Day -My Hero Academia Opening


I don’t really listen to this one that much, but whenever I’d hear it as the opening for this anime, I always enjoyed it.  Sometimes you just skip to the episode, but not with this song:  It set the tone for My SHero Academia really well, and whenever I hear the song I go “Oh yeah, I forgot how awesome it was!” and that is why it made it onto this list.


Dare Ka, Yumi Wo -Zankyu No terror Ending


As soon as I heard this song, I fell in love.  It strikes that perfect balance of melancholy and atmosphere that I adore in songs.  Look up the translation of the lyrics, and man does it fit the show so well.  It was a perfect backdrop to what I thought was a well-crafted story, really matched the pacing of it well.  I don’t listen to this one as much as others on this list, but every time I hear it it moves me so much, I had to add it on the list.


Blumenkranz – Insert Song from Kill La Kill


Ugh this one was so hard to pick.  I honestly could have put Ambiguous or Before my Body is Dry in this slot too, but whenever I want to jam out to a KLK song, it’s this one.  An amazing base line, with a hypnotic melody, that just always gets me singing along and jamming out every time.  I really love the forcefulness of the tune, as well, like in context of the show it’s just so “You will bow down to me, submit or die” and that sounds so weird but if you’ve seen the show you get what I mean XD it’s really empowering in a way, I think that’s majorly due to the structure of the song.  I’ll stop there, because I can honestly gush about this track for hours, hands down my favorite track from this OST.


Heavenly Blue – Aldnoah.Zero Opening 1 as an anime has a lot of issues, especially in it’s second half.  What doesn’t have issues, however, is its OST.  Particularly this track.  I’m a sucker for any Kalifina song, and when I saw they were singing this I squeed with joy.  Nothing new from Kalifina, honestly, it’s their same style of music for sure.  I just really, really love them, so always listen to this song and any song they do.


The Hero -One Punch Man Opening


This one is super weird for me, because I watched one episode of One Punch Man, and got super bored.  The opening song though?  A high octane, power rock ballad that from the opening “One puuuuunch!” gets you pumped and on your feet, ready to beat the bad guys and fight crime!  From beginning to end, this song keeps its energy up and is just so enjoyable to listen to, that I find myself doing so any time I need an energy boost, or whenever I want to indulge in some awesome rockitude.  Maybe I’ll try and watch the anime again someday…


History Maker – Yuri On Ice Opening


“Can you hear my heart beat?  Tired of feeling never enough.  Close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true”


Those first few lines are so poignant, so perfect, so fractured yet so whole. Ugh, this song.  It pulls at my heart strings so much!  It does what Yuri on Ice as a show does, focuses on a character, and nails delivering the struggles of that character.  I always hear this song from Yuuri’s point of view, and honestly it’s so relatable to me from a lyrical stand point, because it’s something I struggle with often (minus the ice skating bits, of course).  Beautiful lyrics and a simple, catchy beat make this song one that I will be listening to for a long time.


And those are my top songs of my anime watching for 2016.  What are your favorite songs from any show you’ve watched this year?

4 thoughts on “My Top Six Anime Songs of 2016

      1. Have to agree. I am also obsessed with History Maker at the moment and rewatching Yuri on Ice with a friend over the new year weekend isn’t helping me move on from this song.

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