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Ten Life Lessons You Can Take Away From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ever wonder how you could enrich your life through card games? Well, look no further than these top ten tips to get your game on and eventually become King of Games!


  • In order to be a productive member of society you must A.) Either go to Duel Academy and become a top duelist or B.) Sell cards to students/Champions/collectors so they can strengthen their decks.
  • Peddy theft is acceptable when you’re stealing Ancient Egyptian magical items.
  • Taking peoples souls is also acceptable when you’re trying to revive your long deceased spouse.
  • Wine is a great drink to have while reading comic books.
  • If you cheat in a game, make friends with your opponent afterwards and all is forgiven.
  • Electro shock and soul theft is common while playing card games, so get a thick skin and duel!
  • Multiple personality disorder is acceptable as long as it helps you win card games
  • You can’t start a sentence without saying “Get your game on!” or “It’s time to d-d-d-deul!”. If you don’t, the sentence makes no sense at all.
  • Instead of getting addicted to gambling, just play with Skull and Graceful Dice in your deck to get your fix. This also helps addicts kick their gambling addiction.
  • It takes 3 million dollars to fix “blindness”. And this blindness is not specified. But money fixes everything, right?


Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Ten Life Lessons You Can Take Away From Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Haha, I expected it to be serious and then, this. Yu-gi-oh was so ridiculous in so many ways, but Seto Kaiba was legit my idol back when this was on.

    It’s kind of hilarious that they cure blindness with money all the time in cartoons.

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  2. Seto Kaiba was my husbando from middle school all through high scool, I still love him to this day XD

    As much as I poke fun at Yu-gi-oh here I freaking love it to pieces, the anime and the card game were my childhood lol. And yeah, the blindness with money cure is one of my favorite ridiculous tropes. At least they made it a huuuuge number in Yugioh, in Jem and the Holograms it was only 250000 dollars! Which, in 80s money I guess is a lot lol.

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  3. Oh I watched the heck out of that anime, but it gave me an wrong impression of the way the card game worked. That was a little embarrassing…

    Hmm.. I think anime today might need 30 million to fix blindness, considering inflation and all, to suspend disbelief.

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