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Iron Fist First Impressions – Episodes 1 and 2

I thought it would be fun to do episode reviews/impressions on shows I’m watching, along the same lines as I see on anime review blogs.  I’ll be doing this for anime as well, but figured I’d start off with a show I’ve been hesitant to watch and have been watching slowly, Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix!


I was pretty hesitant of this show going in.  I love the other three Marvel Netflix shows, but Iron Fist has never been a character that really has interested me.  The only reason I even paid attention to him is because he’s partnered with Luke Cage in Heroes for Hire, who I love, but other than that I’ve never thought he could hold his own in a standalone series.  Does that stand true?
So far…I have mixed feelings.  Episode 1 was a slow pace, even as first episodes go.  Mainly, we got introduced to Danny’s circumstances, his childhood friends, and new (and awesome) character Colleen Wing, who follows the trend Misty Night started by being a badass, no power wielding female lead in these series.  Some cool enough (all be it uninspired) fight scenes take place, we set up the possible villains  for the series, then said villains  throw Danny in a situation he has to get out of (trying to avoid spoilers, fairly new series) end of episode 1.  Was interesting enough, but not enough to majorly grab me.
Episode 2 starts where episode 1 left off, with Danny in said predicament.  I have to say, this episode did a lot more to engage me in the story.  A major thing that frustrated me was no one believing Danny was Danny due to his assumed death, but no one really played an active role in trying to figure out the truth until this episode.  It was a lot easier to watch things unfold with Danny having people on his side, but then when he started talking about Iron Fist being the sworn enemy of the Hand I just went, “Oh no, not the bad guys who ruined Daredevil season 2!”.  Like seriously do not like The Hand as a big bad, the blandest  evil organization ever.  I’m hoping with Danny having the power of the Iron Fist, we’ll get some interesting battles and backstory about The Hand but oy fingers crossed they don’t muck up this show by just being there.
One thing I like is that The Hand and Iron Fist have a pre-existing relationship, which wasn’t the case in Daredevil.  I think just that alone will make The Hand be a more interesting villain, and the fact that the two businessmen who I thought would be the villains  may not be all that they seem is intriguing.  Especially the one who wants to keep Danny safe, and has something to do with The Hand already.  All in all, episode 2 did slightly better in engaging me in wanting to watch the rest of the show, but not sure how much that’s saying considering it’s been a week since I watched episode 1.


That’s basically my first impressions on Iron Fist!  Not good, but not terrible.  In all honesty though, if The Defenders miniseries wasn’t going to be coming out, I’d be skipping this series XD


This review is 100 percent a train of thought type of thing, I just finished watching episode 2.  I’ll probably be writing more of these as I watch the show, but not sure how frequently I’ll be watching it.  Hope you got just a little something out of my ramblyness XD


Some entertaining notes while watching with audio description on:

They kept on mentioning Danny having “a digital MP3 player” in episode 1, then later mention him messing with the wheell on it – so it’s more than likely an old iPod Nano, which I don’t think is that old?  Or perhaps I’m just too old XD when I figured out it was an iPod Nano I was like dang don’t make me feel ancient audio description script!
“A bramble of blond hair” is the best description I’ve ever heard for someone with blond curly hair.

I really like how the Marvel Netflix shows in general use body language to portray the emotions of characters, I think it adds an extra layer to them.  Also like how precise  the scripting is when this happens.

Don’t think there are any other entertaining descriptions, but with audio description sometimes how they describe things just makes me laugh.  If you’d like to try it out and have Netflix, go to the audio description section at the bottom of each page, and there’s a list of shows that have it.  The catalog has grown quite a bit, and every Netflix original has it from the get go, which is nice!


Aaaand I’ve written a lot longer about this than I wanted to, so much for this being a quick, short post XD that is all, Crystal out!

5 thoughts on “Iron Fist First Impressions – Episodes 1 and 2

  1. I still haven’t got around to Luke Cage and I think I’m just over the whole superhero thing at this point and time. I really should check this out at some point, but I’m in no rush. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I think Jessica Jones or Daredevil season 1 are better starting points if you want to get into this whole Marvel Netflix show New York Universe. I’d probably lean more towards Jessica Jones if you want to watch Luke Cage but you don’t really have to watch that to watch Luke Cage lol.


  3. “A bramble of blonde hair” is a spot on description for Danny in this show. Thanks for covering that bit about the audio descriptions by the way. I’ve always been curious about them and I didn’t know Netflix had them for all their shows. I’ll give it a try for the next Iron Fist episode.

    I was pretty much of the same mind with regards to these first two episodes. Given how much I loved the other Marvel Netflix titles, I was a bit disappointed after episode 1 of Iron First. The second episode had me a little more hopeful, but this series is missing the charm that the others had.

    I think Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage all had a good grasp on the show’s identity. Like Danny himself, Iron Fist didn’t seem to know how to go about establishing its own. Danny’s whole explanation about his power just sounded kind of lame, and not just because it was The Hand he’s supposed to stop. That and these first episodes have so very little in the way of actual fighting. What good is a kung fu master without kung fu?

    The Hand don’t make great villains, but they’re closely tied to Elektra and Daredevil, and they make a good villain for street level heroes like Matt and Danny to take on. I don’t like that they made the Iron Fist’s entire purpose to defeat The Hand though. That’s forcing things a bit too much.

    Great first impressions though. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the rest.

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  4. I’ll definitely be talking about some of the audio description stuff a bit more haha. I always think it’s interesting to see what is described as opposed to what’s actually happening, and that varies from script to script. The Marvel Shows do a good job of being super descriptive, while I watch some movies and they could describe a bit more.

    I was hoping that with Iron Fist, we’d get a 13 episode semi-campy kung fu action movie, but so far not impressed! I like the actor who plays Danny, but Joy and Ward are so bland to me.

    I’d probably like The Hand better if we didn’t also get Killgrave and Fisk, who were both far more fantastic villains over The Hand. I thought the heavy handed “It’s my duty to stop The Hand” in episode 2 was so out of the blue haha, it just seems like such a paper thin plot holing reasoning like you said, and his powers are sort of eeeeh.

    But it’ll be all worth it for The Defenders! I hope XD


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