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Iron Fist Episodes 4 and 5 Thoughts

Episode 4:

Ok, so I was right!  It only took til episode 4 to get all this mess taken care of, and for Danny to get his company back…only to instantly start screwing everything up.  Seriously, Danny, how stupid are you?


Ward gets infinitely more interesting than Danny in this episode, as his character arc begins.  Why we needed a 3 and a half episode span of setup, I don’t know, but at least the show is finally getting interesting.  I really loved Ward and Joy’s tender moment in this episode, and how they’ve started to slowly accept Danny back into their lives.  The scene at the beginning with Danny and Harold was good too, but of course we know Harold is up to no good~
I liked seeing Ward warn Danny too, and Harold being stone cold later in the episode.  Earlier in the episode I was asking myself if Harold really loved his kids, and I think he does in his own warped way after what he did to the person who punched Joy.  I also love how specific the fight choreography  has to get to get thugs to attack Danny’s hand so we can see how awesome (not) the power of the Iron Fist truly is!


Fun little name drops in this episode, by mentioning Daredevil.  Another one I almost missed, the news reporter name dropping Karen!


All in all, a good episode.  I feel like the show is finally beginning to begin here.
Episode 5:

Ward is so good in this one ugh.  Like when Danny gave him the packet of drugs I just was like “Don’t take the drugs, don’t take the drugs!” every time he eyed it throughout the episode.  That final scene with him and Joy broke my heart, he’s quickly becoming my favorite character.  I love how he tries to rebel against Harold also (that flipping off the cameras scene was so funny), just classic and really makes the character unique.


Aaand there’s Claire Temple!  What a waste of your Claire Temple!  I’ll admit, I loved that we got the sense that her and Coleen were total bros already, and I’m wondering how long Claire has been taking self-defense lessons.  I’m guessing for a few months, but not sure when the end of Luke Cage and this line up timeline-wise.  Throw in a really forced injury to a character, and we have one of her famous impromptu  “surgeries” and her classic call to action speech.  I love Rosario Dawson so any reason to have Claire in an episode doesn’t bother me but still utilize your reoccurring character a bit better ok.
Looks like Coleen and Danny are in this together, with some forced romantic chemistry!  I’m anxiously waiting for this to hit the fan hard, doesn’t seem like it’ll end well~
These two episodes got me a lot more engaged in the show honestly.  After the whole court drama in the first three, it was nice to just have some campy semi-over the top action sequences, interesting character development for Ward, and a big bad to face.  Fingers crossed Madame Gao and Danny face off later in the show, I’d love to see that given how much of a presence  she has in this series in particular.


Entertaining quote from episode 5:

Lackey:  He punched through the truck with his hand.

Madame Gao:  His hand, do you mean…his fist?

Dun dun duuuun those are the same thing I mean I get what you’re trying to do but that line is just silly and not at all suspenseful.

Any time Harold takes a pill the audio description says it’s green liquid and now I am just so curious:  Is it booz?  Hi-C?  Fruit juice?  The world may never know~

I’m also curious to know if the pills he’s taking are The Hand related, like are they what is keeping him alive?


That’s all I got for these episodes.  I’m happy the show is embracing it’s campy 80s action flick roots and am hoping for a lot more camp in the future!

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