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Iron Fist Episodes 6 and 7 Thoughts

Episode 6:

There’s my cheesey kung fu movie goodness!  This episode was full of campy tropes:  from flashing back to Sensei to get backstory, to a random warriors gauntlet, full of ridiculous dialogue, this episode was just loads of fun to watch.  Was it ridiculous?  Most definitely.  But it was lots of fun to watch because of it, so no complaints.  We’re starting to touch back upon the identity  discovery theme this show seems to like to sprinkle throughout which only half works for Danny, but nice to see it popping back.
ward steals the show once again, as his story arc starts it’s slow descent into chaos.  I feel so badly for him, I know that feeling of being helpless and utterly trapped in your situation, and he sells it so well.  My heart breaks for him, it’s so difficult to watch him have this nervous breakdown and Joy’s “help” seems like it’s more her wanting to save face.  Seems like she’s a lot more like Harold than one would initially believe, hmmm?


Colleen and Claire have their own mini adventure and I want to see them have a spin off because they’re great together.  Claire saying “Sweet Christmas” was a really cute nod to Luke Cage, and especially made me squeee because I ship Claire and Luke so hard (sorry Jessica Jones, but Luke and Claire is OTP).


Danny, why did you come back to reclaim a company if you’re going to not care about it and run it to the ground?  Are you really that selfish, or just that clueless.  His business savvy is infuriating, and I take back what I said about Joy and Ward being jerks because now Danny is the jerk who is ruining this company for what is seemingly the lolz.  Like he’s so detached from reality it’s not even fun to watch.  It’s better to see super heroes have to function in the real world, but he just dismisses it all to do whatever and it’s one of the things that really detracts from the show.



This show continues to have the same issue I mentioned a few episode’s back, not knowing what type of show it wants to be.  But at the same time, it’s fairly enjoyable.  However, it’s still suffering with it’s multiple plot threads, and lack of focus with character motivations.  But at least we got a good ninja deathmatch out of this episode!


Episode 7:

I guess the show runners figured people would be saying “Doesn’t Colleen run a dojo still?” because we see she’s still running classes.  I thought it was funny because the episode before I had that very question.  It seems like The Hand is gearing up to do something, or the show is trying to work it’s way towards it’s climax in some way because a lot of plots seem like they’re coming to a head.  For the life of me, I can’t really bring myself to care about any of them because the  writing is still paper thin.  Why does Danny want to stop The Hand?  Does he care because they’re doing  bad things, or because he’s Iron Fist.  Any time he may possibly get some depth he starts spouting proverbs and haiku and he really needs to get his act together.
Ward goes crazy in this episode ugh.  I don’t want to spoil anything else because you really need to watch his arc unfurl, but it’s fantastic and the most moving thing on this show.  His final break down in the end of this episode was just so heart breaking, can’t wait to see what happens next for him!
Wasn’t expecting that plot twist to happen at Rand industries with Joy either, I really want to see how she’ll react to what happened.  Have a feeling she’s going to go dark side on us but…honestly, the actress couldn’t sell that for me.  Joy is still a bland character for me, but I’m interested to see how she’ll react to what’s happening at Rand Industries.


Halfway through the show now, and seems like we’re getting some where plot wise.  Not saying I’m excited to see  what’s coming for anyone other than Ward, but will be interested to finish this up and cross my fingers that Danny won’t drag down The Defenders when it happens!

2 thoughts on “Iron Fist Episodes 6 and 7 Thoughts

  1. This is as much as I’ve watched so far. Ward got much more interesting after those first few episodes when I felt like the actor was just bleh, but now I’m more interested in what’s happening with him than with Danny.

    Screwing up his company for the lolz is probably not far off but I think it’s more like his understanding of money is still the same as when he was 10 years old. He doesn’t care at all that his company needs to function because a lady’s story about her son resonates so much more with him. Also give his assistant dental benefits because she mentioned that like once.

    Gao kind of makes the point for us in all of Danny’s nonsense. He’s not here trying to be Iron Fist. He just wants to come back and be Danny Rand. That’s why nothing he actually ever does as Iron Fist amounts to anything. Pick a lane you bramble head.


  2. Bramble head is my new favorite insult XD

    Oh, I guess that’s true but idk why can’t he adapt to the real world faster. I know that wouldn’t be realistic, but for the purposes of the show it would just help it be less frustrating.

    Gao has some great moments later on that tie into this arc for her, I’m interested to see what you think of them when you get to the final few episodes!

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