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Iron Fist Episodes 8, 9, and 10 Thoughts

Episode 8:

This series of three episodes were all an ongoing storyline so I decided to watch them all in one go.  And, once again, my main complaint about the show is so obvious.  It doesn’t know what type of show it wants to be.  A Corporate drama or a super hero show.  They go to China cuz of course they do and have some really boring fight scenes (seriously, the fight choreography  in the show is so clunky and the worst in any Marvel property imo) and we capture Madame Gao for a bit only to have her start messing with the characters in the next episode.  But hey, Claire is still here for now so at least that’s something.  I stand by Claire and Colleen having their own show, their chemistry on screen is just so great. And love their scenes together.
Other than that, literally nothing new.  Ward and Joy have family drama, Danny acts like a child who wants to smash things, and Claire and Colleen still remain awesome.


Episode 9:

I loved Madame Gao in this episode.  She was great, and her calling Danny a child throughout this series of episodes was just so great because she’s 100 percent right.  I don’t know what possessed whoever wrote this show to write Danny like this, but I’ve seen Iron Fist in other Marvel media and he’s just way better in those.  Is he still a bit bland?  Yes, but he’s not some brooding, emotastic, poor imitation of Batman in those so at least I can get behind him there.  In this, he has temper tantrums, is narrow minded, and just soooo bland.  And why doesn’t he know more about how his powers work as the Iron Fist?  You’d think the monks in the monastery would let him know something as important as he can heal people with his powers.


I also found it amusing that in the last episode he had every opportunity to kill Madame Gao with his powers, but instead he just punches the wall.  Like wth Danny come on!


Harold is back, which I knew he would be!  I wasn’t expecting him to go crazy, but I’m honestly not surprised.  Him starting to manipulate Joy is interesting, but at the same time Joy becoming a random heel turn villain  is so out of the blue and seems pointless at this point (at least that’s where it seems like it’s heading).


This episode honestly made me want the show to be over soon.  No real development for anyone, not even Ward, and it seems like Claire is out of the picture from this point on.  I hope her and Colleen remain bros though, I can’t live without Claireen having a spin off of some kind!


Episode 10:

OK, so I really wasn’t expecting this plot twist.  I mean, I was expecting it because I ran across a spoiler saying it would happen, but there was absolutely no lead up to it other than Madame Gao mentioning Colleen has a secret to hide from Danny.  I’d think Danny would be a liiiittle more reasonable and listen, because I thought Colleen brought up some good points!  Was she wrong, yeah totally, but at least listen to someone you trusted Danny, hear her out!


Danny’s childhood friend popping up wasn’t expected either, along with him having a non-Chinese accent!  Really weird casting choice there.  Another uninspired fight scene, with Joy going more dark side in her scenes, and Ward nowhere to be seen at all.  Can this show be over already?  When the bad guys are making way more sense than the main character, I really think the writing needs to be checked.  Right now, I’m hoping The Hand wins against Danny because of his incompetence.  Let Daredevil actually be the one to defeat them please.


I’m a little worried THAT the Hand is going to be the big bad in The Defenders series.  I’m all for Madame Gao coming back, but this series has really made me dislike them even more than Daredevil season 2 did.  They just make the narrative lack focus to me, and it’s  a lot funner to see our heroes face off against something a bit less broad.  Though I guess at this point, The Hand really is just an over blown drug dealer.



Only 3 episodes left, I can do this!  Here’s hoping the last three episodes are a lot better than these past three!

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