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Iron Fist Episodes 11, 12, and 13 and Final Thoughts

Instead of breaking this down into the different episodes, I’m just going to talk about how I felt about the last three episodes as a whole because honestly they all blur together in my head with what an interesting mess it was.  In the end, we got two big boss showdowns, that both lacked impact, because of the lack of focus in the show.  I enjoyed Colleen’s fights, and her story arc (though I started to wonder why the cage fight plot just was dropped) but adding Danny’s child hood friend to the plot as an “antagonist” and having Joy just suddenly turn evil legit at the very end of the show (why would she want Danny dead?  Everything that happened to her family was Harold’s fault) was really poor plotting.  Ward’s plot mid-way through the series was interesting, but then let’s forget all about him for three episodes and throw in Danny’s man pain so he can come to terms with whatever he was going through.  Was it coming to terms with his parents death?  Coming to terms with what it meant to be both Danny Rand and the Iron Fist?  Figuring out how to live in New York?  All of those and more?  We rush the fight in episode 12 so we can throw Harold in as a phoned in antagonist in episode 13 and it just was all so clunky.  But hey, we got some classic action movie camp by having Danny and Harold’s show down be on a rooftop so…woo?
The “cliffhanger” at the end was so stupid.  Like was it supposed to interest me in the next season?  Because Danny just abandoned Ward and Joy after ruining their company.  I thought Colleen and Danny’s tender moments at the end were nice, and how their relationship resolved was great.
Claire shows up again, yay!  I thought it was super cute that she had one of Luke’s bullet-incrusted shirts at her place.  Ugh can those two get together already please!


Overall, this series was problematic.  Not bad, but just…it was being pulled in so many directions.  Trying to be some large scale character drama, corporate drama, a Marvel show, and an action kung-fu show.  Every time they mentioned something Marvel related like “The incident” (what happened in the Avengers) and Luke, and Daredevil, I just was like oh right this is in the same universe because Iron Fist feels like it’s just 100 percent devoid of anything that makes the Marvel Netflix shows, and the movies great.  It wanted to be dark and gritty, and that made it lack substance.  Every character but Danny was interesting, and when Danny is the main character you have to see in every episode, the show just drags.  Fin Jones is an amazing actor, I had never seen him before this and loved his portrayal  of Danny but the scripts he had to work with were just so lameeee.



I will say in this shows defense, there are a lot of things I’ve seen people criticize that just aren’t true.  I saw a review that said Colleen just leaves the show after her big plot reveal, but that plot resolves gradually through the second half of the series, and was the stronger story in the show.  I also saw a review saying Ward helping Danny in the end was out of the blue, but it wasn’t:  it was subtle, but it was obvious he was going to do it because of everything he had been through with Harold.  The only thing I agree with is the whole Joy plot not making sense.  She has every right to be disillusioned, but to the point of wanting to murder Danny?  She was  a bland unnecessary character, but there were no signs she would ever resort to something like that.


The villains  of this show, other than Madame Gao, are boring.  Probably because the screen time between about four major villains  is prone to make them all have paper thin motives.  They all started interesting, but just spiraled into rawr rawr I’m a badguy time to smaaash to get what’s mine and it got so old so quick.  I will say the plot twist at the end with who really killed Danny’s parents was interesting, didn’t see that coming.



My final thoughts on this series:  Like the characters in the show looking for their identity, so did Marvel’s Iron Fist.  Bouncing from so many genres in the process of 13 episodes, with mish mashed character development, storytelling, and bad pacing didn’t make this a bad watch, but rather a disappointing one.  I don’t think you need to watch this, even if you’re going to watch The Defenders:  it literally contributes nothing to the ongoing plot of the MCNYU other than introducing Danny and Colleen, and Ward and Joy to the fold.  Daredevil season 2 handled The Hand far better than this show did, and in all honesty I don’t see Danny adding anything of note to The Defenders team with this dark, emo, brooding  version of himself.  The whole fun of his relationship with Luke is that he’s the cheery optimistic one, how could you mess this up show!


If you want to get into the Marvel Netflix series, watch Daredevil season 1 or Jessica Jones first.  Then Luke Cage, then just skip this one and wait for the Defenders lol.  But no, in all seriousness:  this show is decent enough to watch.  Just don’t expect much from it.  I call it a popcorn watch because you’re not really going to care one way or another how things turn out story-wise and it’s just entertaining to have on when you have nothing to do (or when you can’t sleep, like when I’ve been watching it XD).


I’m glad I blogged about watching this show, because I wouldn’t have watched it otherwise and enjoyed doing so.  I’ll definitely be doing this for more shows in the future, had loads of fun writing down my thoughts after watching each set of episodes!


Did you watch Iron Fist?  Let me know what you thought in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Iron Fist Episodes 11, 12, and 13 and Final Thoughts

  1. Yeah it’s defenitely not a must watch but it’s entertaining to watch nevertheless. Glad you stuck around to read my random thoughts! It was fun doing this, defs gonna do more of these for different shows.


  2. I finished this a while back but forgot to come back here and post. Sorry!

    As for my final thoughts on this, it’s pretty much the same problem that it had all along. Danny was just never as compelling a character as Matt, Jessica, or Luke in their respective series. They tried really hard to introduce some personal stakes with everything that was going on with Rand, but very little of what Danny set out to do made me feel like I just had to pull up the next episode.

    Ward, funnily enough was the one that made the Rand story interesting. Danny just seemed an accessory to his story where that was concerned.

    One of my biggest problems with this series was a visual one. With Iron First being the first of these where you can see his power in action, it never really looked interesting. I’m not sure what I would have done different, but him punching doors and walls just never really did it for me.

    On a side note, we have nicknamed our cat Ba-cute-o

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  3. Exactly there just weren’t any stakes because Danny brought everything onto himself and honestly his story could have never happened if he just…stayed in China lol. He’s not even remotely as compelling as the other three, but from what I’ve seen of the Defenders trailers he seems like he’ll work well with the rest of them so fingers crossed that’s the case.

    His ability is so amusing, it comes straight out of a campy martial arts movie in my head. Maybe if they showed it to us from the othe rpersons perspective, and how it looked to them? All in all, I just don’t think it’s a workable super power for a visual medium because it’s always just been…a glowing hand haha.

    Rotfl that’s the best cat nickname, love it XD

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