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Why You Should Give RWBY Another Chance if You’ve Dropped it

A group shot of Team RWBY: Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang


I watched RWBY a while ago, when volume 3 was the last volume out.  It had gotten my attention enough to give it a shot, but it took a lot of time to get there.  Literally, it was the end of vol. 3 that made me go “Oh, this show is actually interesting now” when volumes 2 and 1 just seemed like a generic hot chicks with swords sudo anime web series, tropy characters and all.
So because of that, I dropped RWBY.  I had watched the first four episodes of volume 4, and there was so little going on I got disinterested.  I was watching it when it aired, and I’m just not a watch an episode one at a time person.  I still would see people talking about how great RWBY was, and a friend told me volumes 4 and 5 were great and they had just watched them.  So I had taken about 2 years off from watching the series, since I was watching volume 4 when it was airing and a volume comes out once a year.


And man, waiting and binging volumes 4 and 5 was a great choice.  The show, although I see some people complain about the slower pacing, really reached a depth I didn’t think existed when in volumes 1 and 2 it was nothing but big fighting set pieces.  Volume 4 took the time to slow down, let the aftermath of volume 3 take its toll on the characters, and allowed them to grow, breath, and develop.  When the fights came into the picture, they had weight behind them, because the story had built to that point.  I can’t see the fights, and honestly would love for audio description to be added to the show, because there are huge chunks of just awesome music, no dialogue, and then I have to read the RWBY wiki for transcripts to see what happened in the stretch of the episode that has little dialogue.  They have a lot of show, not tell in the series:  which totally works, not knocking RWBY for doing that.  But those stretches of show not tell have no audio queue’s, and usually just footsteps for a few minutes with flashy sound effects that don’t really tell you what’s going on in the scene.  Like I said, you just have to deduce what happened, or look up what happened via transcripts.
I guess that’s also a big part of why I liked the slower pacing.  Less fights, meant more auditory going on because the characters were talking, and moving the plot along with dialogue.  And then, the fights had weight, and were a liiittle easier to figure out about half of what was going on.  Volumes 4 and 5 were both slower paced, and getting our heroes back together so the overarching bigger plot to take place with every character having grown through their trials in the volumes.
It was just…nice.  No other way to put it.  I felt a connection with the characters I hadn’t felt before, and didn’t see them as “The cool one, the one who’s a tomboy”  Characters that I didn’t even like before had arcs that made me like them.  If for some reason, you were turned off from RWBY volumes 1 through 3, but saw that there was a spark of something there that interested you decently, but not enough to want to continue watching, try watching volumes 4 and 5.  The show really starts there if I’m being honest, the first three seasons just feel like a prologue.
You an RWBY fan?  Did you like it from volume 1, or did it take a while to grow on you.  Would love to hear in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Give RWBY Another Chance if You’ve Dropped it

  1. I absolutely hated RWBY after the first season. I thought that the worldbuilding was decent enough, JNPR was bearable and mostly actually funny and relatable, but the four mains were getting on my nerves so much that even Roman and Cinder couldn’t get me to continue past Volume One.

    I don’t think I could ever like it because it has too many flaws that people sing praises of, but I’m considering giving it a second chance. I don’t know how the hell anyone could like it, but if I want to tear it apart or rewrite the series the way it should have been done, I guess I’ll have to bear.

    Cheers to you for liking it, anyway. I’ve always been the odd one out on these things.


    1. Volume 1 is more of a pilot honestly. I had to watch to volume 3 to even get mildly interested in the plot and it took watching all the way to volume 5 to genuinely like it. That being said, if you don’t like the characters, this is going to be a hard sell for you regardless and I don’t think someone should try and force themselves to like a show because everyone else does. Everyone looooves Stranger Things and I can’t stand it, but I’m not going off forcing myself to watch it because I think I should like it because the masses do. I also don’t condone watching something expressly to tear it apart: there’s enough negativity in the world and doing that feels like a way to just put more out there if you want who do so to combat people who genuinely enjoy the show.

      Yes, the show has flaws. I’m not saying it doesn’t. But everything has flaws, it’s up to the viewer to decide to enjoy the show for what it is or isn’t, and that’s what I’ve decided to do. For me it’s the exact opposite: I like the characters, the world building and plot progression needs a lot of work. Volume 1 is nothing but a ton of fight scenes to me and I wanted more character development done, and in volumes 4 and 5 that happens and we slow down the pace. Everyone who liked the fights really don’t like volumes 4 and 5 and that’s actually in the fandom itself, so to each their own I suppose.

      But yeah, please don’t force yourself to like it! If you were interested even a little bit in it then I’d say try it again. But if you didn’t even want to watch it after volume 1, then don’t feel obligated to watch it and try to enjoy it lol. Tons of media out there, no need to try and shove one show down your throat XD

      Thank you for commenting and reading!


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