She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2 Review [Spoiler Free]

I watched She-ra season 2 over the weekend, and it was good.  I wasn’t impressed by it by any means, but it was a natural progression of the plot of the show, the characters are fun, and all in all, the episodes were cute.  I’ll be going into more detail about the shows construction more than the episodes here, because I have more to say about that.  But if you want a short answer to should you watch season 2, I’d say yes.  The character work is far more impressive than the writing, and it carries the plot onward, all be it a bit slowly.  If you watched season 1 and enjoyed it, season 2 will be very much of the same.


My major problem with season 2…is I’m seeing a lot of the issues we saw mid series in Voltron:  The Legendary Defender.  Voltron had a problem with plot execution, and shotty character work.  Where as in She-ra, I think they have the character work and growth down, but the plot and world building is very under developed.  My biggest issues here, is with the Horde as a whole.


We get these glimpses of the Horde throughout season 2, that are a bit deeper than in season 1.  Before, we only saw Catra and Scorpia, but in season 2 we’re getting a bit of a wider scale on their end.  We got to see Hordak and more of his plans, and we got the full backstory of Shadow Weaver.  But, for me, hordak isn’t an interesting villain.  Like I don’t see him as an imposing figure at all, even though he’s totally played off as such.  It isn’t the voice acting, it isn’t’ his presentation, but if we’re going to be having this super “intimidating” figure in the shadows, then I think we need to either have him shrouded  completely in mystery, only revealing his motivations later, or just put all of his cards on the table and let us know what he’s planning so we can get a better look into his character.  As he stands now, he’s half and half and not at all interesting.
This has a lot to do with the world building for me.  We found out something about Hordak that just opens up all of these questions about Eternia, but these questions fall apart once you throw in all of this First Ones tech being more high tech than what Eternia knows.  So what exactly is the angle with the world building here?  Is Eternai going to wind up being a destroyed Earth, or is it going to be something else.  The writing is trying to lead us somewhere, but there’s no clear line to the somewhere we’re supposed to be being led to, and it just comes off as the writers not knowing what exactly they want to do with the plot, and caring more about the character work.  I enjoy character based stories, but in this case, the plot needs to be a bit more basic than She-ra is trying to do.  Of course, this is just season 2, and one of those annoying 7 episode seasons, so maybe the writing will get better as the show progresses, but after Voltron I’m far more skeptical than usual, and aren’t putting a lot of trust in these Dreamworks reboots again just yet.
Shadow Weaver’s plot, once again just screams Hagar’s plot in Voltron to me.  I feel like after what happened to her in season 2, we’re going to get exactly what happened in Voltron”  she’ll pop back at the end of the show and be the true villain.  Once again, it may just be me being a skeptical viewer, but it’s not boding well for me as a viewer.  I’m hoping beyond hope, that I’ll be wrong and this writing team has learned from Voltron’s mistakes.


Like I said at the beginning  of this review, I like watching She-ra Princesses of Power a lot.  It feels so much like a modernized version of the 80s show, which is what keeps me watching the show.  I have enough hope for the writing team knowing what they’re doing for these issues I stated to not be long lasting ones, so I highly recommend giving She-ra a chance if you haven’t.

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