She-ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3 Review [Spoiler 3]

I’ve been skeptical about She-ra for a while guys, I’m sure you noticed in my season 1 review.  I was fresh off of Voltron and the train wreck that was that ending, but I loved the old She-ra and had always mentioned to friends and family that I’d be on board with a more dramatic reboot with more fleshed out characters.


Seasons 1 and 2 were good, but I was still on the fence about it at the end of season 2.  There was potential, but the plot, pacing, and characters just weren’t quite there yet for me.


But season 3, season 3 you guys!  It was only a six episode season, but season 3!  UGHHH it was so good!  If you want my TL;DR opinion:  go watch season 3 right now.  If you’ve also been on the fence about giving this show a try, watching up to season 3 is going to make you decide whether or not you want to be into this show for the long haul.  For me, season 3 took me from being mildly interested in the show, to being heavily invested and willing to recommend other people watch it.  With my gushing out of the way though, onto my spoiler free review of season 3!


This season was one of Netflix’s infamous half seasons:  6 episodes for a full “season”.  For once, this didn’t bother me though, because the pacing of the episodes was done so well, and a lot of plot relevant  information was given to us in an even pace.  None of the episodes in season 3 were filler which was nice:  I felt like season 2 tried a little too hard to balance the goofy with the serious, and didn’t do a great job.  In season 3 however, each episode had some comedic beats, but they didn’t take away from the serious parts of each episode.  The character work still is a tad shaky, but it’s definitely improving and I think the balance between character development and plot progression has been fixed.  It doesn’t feel like either is suffering, like in previous seasons.  I’ve said before that the show needed to either be plot centric or character centric, but it’s somewhat proven me wrong in season 3 by doing both well.  I’d personally like more character growth, but if this is going to be a slow burn character wise, which it seems like we’re going for, then I’m all on board for this amazing scifi/fantasy epic story that season 3 has started to give us.


I feel like She-ra is having the opposite  effect Voltron did.  Voltron season 3 was the last amazing season.  In She-ra, season 3 is the start of it being a fantastic show that I can’t wait to see more of.  Certain characters still erk me, but now it seems like they’re doing so because of a clear vision for the story to go and it’s not just a case of characters fitting tropes.


Season 3 is sosososososo good guys.  Like I said, it got me over my Dreamworks Voltron burns and makes me have hope for this to be a fantastic show.  Please don’t prove me wrong She-ra!  With the amazing pacing, epic plot, and fabulous characters, I highly recommend watching season 3, and giving this show a chance.
Have you watched She-ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3?  Would love to hear in the comments!

2 thoughts on “She-ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3 Review [Spoiler 3]

  1. I liked season 3 of She-Ra quite a bit and hope the series continues in this direction. I’m not sure if the combined seasons of 2 and 3 are better than the first, overall, but season 3 definitely has some of the series’ best moments yet and promises greatness to come. I disagree a bit about Voltron and think that series was amazing as late as its sixth season, but Voltron and other Western animated shows I’ve watched (like Legend of Korra) have certainly disappointed me with their endings, so I’d be happy to see She-Ra buck that trend and end at its peak (or near its peak, since it’s really hard to end a series with its last episode).

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    1. I liked Voltron literally up to that final episode and honestly it makes me not even want to watch the show anymore. I know a lot of people say the earlier seasons were the best, and I do agree with that. I guess I phrased it a little differently, the first seasons of Voltron had a clear plot and vision, and when it finished that plot it seemed to flounder with it’s tone, pacing and direction. I liked every season afterward, but the quality dip definitely shows and the final season makes it obvious there wasn’t really a game plan past the earlier seasons.

      She-ra seems like it has a far clearer vision, and planned it over a span of episodes, definitely preparing for the long haul. I agree season 3 had the best character moments (Intrapta, enough said) and I really can’t wait to see what mysteries are solved and who gets brought back from certain fates in the later seasons.


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