Hello!  I’m Crystal, and if the title of this blog wasn’t obvious, I’m a blind nerd.  I’ve been into anime, video games, cartoons, and nerdy TV shows ever since I was a kid and my obsession with them has only grown.  Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs that go in depth about being a part of nerd culture, but I’ve never seen any that talk about it from the view of being a blind enjoyer of the media, so I figured, why not be someone who looks at it from that perspective?


There are a lot of visual aspects to the media we watch.  But, take that aspect away, and what happens to the story?  Do the characters hold up without a ton of fancy visuals keeping the viewer interested?  Does a certain show have audio description, and if so does the audio description help in the enjoyment of the media?  If it doesn’t have audio description, does it hinder the show at all?  What are some challenges that blind and visually impaired nerds face when they’re trying to play video games, enjoy a cartoon or anime, or other more visual media?  These, and a lot of other questions are ones I want to dive into, and pick apart on this blog.  I also intend to look at different character tropes, try and figure out why certain shows I like or dislike have that effect on me, and just geek out over different topics in nerd culture, from a different perspective than most are used to.


My other hobbies include singing, primarily anime and video game covers of songs, or original works, writing, cooking, crafting, making jewelry, and generally derping around on the internet getting involved in different fandoms.  My favorite video game of all time is Final Fantasy VI, and my two most favorite animes of all time are Magic Knight Rayearth, and Sailor Moon.  My current favorite western cartoon is Steven Universe.  I’m an avid Disney fangirl, love Marvel comics (both the movies and the cartoons) and really enjoy being a member of nerddom.


Not sure what else to say here, other than thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.  I hope you enjoy what you’ve read!