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The Nintendo Switch Launch -A Beautiful Disaster

But not really.  Since the press conference in January, I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Switch console for pre-order.  Needless to say,  was unsuccessful in doing so but that was a blessing in disguise.  Why, you might ask?  This launch has been so poorly executed, both on the side of the retailers, and Nintendo, that it’s gotten to the point where I’m just going to wait a few months before getting a console.  One of many reasons being, because Nintendo I feel was very misleading with their launch titles.


So a while back, they announced a Streetfighter 2 port.  I was majorly excited!  Fighting games are my jam, hands down my favorite genre to play.  What does Nintendo announce today?  That Streetfighter won’t be out until May.  If I had pre-ordered a console, I would have been pissed that I had to wait until May to get something I actually wanted to play because Breath of the Wild doesn’t really interest me.  There are a lot of games that they showed in the January press conference that Nintendo made it seem like would be releasing on launch, but then later down the line they said nope it’s coming out a month or two after launch.  The launch titles are really just Breath of the Wild and 1, 2, Switch, plus a lot of ports from old systems I don’t really care for.
Along with the lacking catalog at launch (I can forgive that, it’s just Nintendo’s way at this point) the retailers are so haphazard with this!  I’ve called around to so many retailers, and they don’t know anything.  I’ve seen so many news articles about pre-orders not being able to be fulfilled because stores were not concrete in how many systems they’d get, Best Buy saying they aren’t going to be getting as many consoles as they were told, and their midnight launch is just going to be to pick up pre-orders (another mislead). When I talked to Target, they said they were only getting 15, that’s right fifteen consoles and were going to be doing a ticket system for people to buy.  Walmart has no idea, but is just selling to people on a lay away program, and Game Stop is…well, acting like Game Stop usually does.  I have no idea how they’re working the launch, but overall the retailers are being kept in the dark, all the while Nintendo is giving out free consoles to “Nintendo Influencers” with Breath of the Wild,, but really they don’t have much to review with the console, because Breath of the Wild doesn’t have any of the Switch’s features built in.  It doesn’t use HD Rumble, and 1, 2, Switch I doubt is an indication of the full potential of the Switch’s capacity since it’s just a party game.


I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m severely disappointed in how Nintendo is handling this launch.  Not a large launch catalog, along with Nintendo’s usual supply and demand issues just made me decide to wait until May or June to pick up a console, because at least then there will be games I want to play and the pointless hype and pre-order madness will be no more.  It’s really frustrating to not be able to pick it up at launch, for the sole reason of bad planning on Nintendo’s part.  But why should I be surprised?  This always happens with any major launch with Nintendo.  I guess I was just hoping for something a bit more organized for a change.


Were you able to get a Nintendo Switch pre-order?  Or are you waiting until the hype dies down to pick a console up.

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Nintendo Switch Press Conference Highlights

The Nintendo Switch Press Conference just ended and I am still riding that hype so I wanted to post real quick about it!  I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of news about it tomorrow, so I’m just going to mention some of my own highlights from the stream:


  • Even though Nintendo has a bad habit of not launching titles we want with the console, the titles we’re getting still seem good. Arms seems super fun, and 1, 2, Switch seems like it’s going to be a nice title along the lines of Wii Sports that will just be some good casual fun.  Breath of the Wild launching with the console was a great surprise too, and the trailer shown at the end of the stream actually got me wanting to buy the game.  New Splitoon, and new Xenoblade Chronicles, along with new Fire Emblem  makes me want to get the console at launch just for the anticipation of the games.
  • Man, the controls seem so smooth! It seems like they finally worked out all of the mechanics from the Wiimote and the Joycon seems like it’ll be fun to play with.  I was told its size was pretty small, but hopefully that won’t be an issue.
  • I feel like Nintendo is secretly working towards making games accessible for everyone, because man that rumble technology seems sweet! Even just listening to it being used, it sounded like it would be a really great, tactile, multi-sensory gaming experience which is great for a blind gamer like me.  The sound design sounded fantastic, also:  I could hear from multiple directions, and the sound effects were great indicators to what was going on so AHHHH I can’t wait to get my hands on a Switch to plaaaay~
  • I really like that they’re going to add multi-player online play, along with a screen shot and video capture feature. Let’s plays, anyone?  The HDMI cable included just shows Nintendo is paying attention to what their consumers want, and are looking at the future of their console.  Which, is also something they normally do, with launch titles as well.


Mainly, I’m super excited for what seems to be accessibility with the joycon controls built in, and the experience Nintendo is going to be trying to create with this console.  Here’s hoping it stays true to its word when it comes out on March 3rd!  I know I’m going to be pre-ordering the console, how about you?


Nickelodeon Working on a Nintendo Cartoon? Castlevania Hopes and Speculations

Last week some news dropped about Frederator Studios – the studio behind Adventure Time, working on and releasing a new video game themed cartoon after Adventure Time goes off the air.  There’s been a lot of speculation as to what IP is going to be cartoonified, but the one that I find most plausible is a Castlevania cartoon.  Other theories I’ve seen have thrown out Mario, Legend of Zelda, and a Sonic show, but since Sonic Boom is already a fairly popular cartoon, and I don’t think Mario and Zelda would be getting another cartoon adaptation after the ones in the 90s, I’m leaning towards believing the article linked above.


Now, with an announcement like this, every fan comes out of the wood works.  “Frederator animates Adventure time in a way that would make Castlevania look crappy!” “Nooooo WHYYYY please don’t have it like how Simon was in Captain N” “I just am going to complain before it’s even confirmed because it’s trendy to do so!”.  Ok so that last one was just me being salty, but you get my point.
With this news, I thought it would be fun to speculate what type of cartoon I’d want from a  Castlevania series, so here we go!


A Darker Tone


The only animated version of any Belmont we got, was Simon in Captain N.  That…wasn’t a good version and put the awesomeness that is the Belmont clan to shame.  I think for a good Castlevania series to work, the creators have to not be afraid to go there with its darker themes.  I have high hopes that Nick wouldn’t stray away from doing this, since the new Ninja Turtles cartoon that airs on Nicktoons gets pretty dark at times.  I mean, the entire Castlevania series circles around a vampire hunting family, so if they don’t go there it’d be super lame.


I’d like the darker tone to permeate not only the plot, but the atmosphere and characters as well.  Castlevania has some awesome set pieces (Castlevania IV’s first stage comes to mind, as  well as like, all of Symphony of the Night) and using some really dark, vivid colors for backgrounds, along with really atmospheric gothic music would make me very, very happy.
Awesome costumes would be a plus, too!


Different Character arcs


I picture the setup of the show like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, where we follow a member of the Belmont Clan for a span of episodes, then move onto another family member, etc etc.  I think where Castlevania shines is it’s over-arcing family storyline, and seeing how each Belmont reacts and takes down Dracula, so that would just be super fun to watch if they did it right.

Fleshed Out Characters!


This goes without saying, but I want all the main characters to be super interesting!  My favorite Belmont’s are Simon and Trevor, and if they just decided to make them cliché stoic badasses that would be cool and all but it totally defeats the purpose of making an animated series where you have the opportunity to display the motivations of every character, and have some backstory that isn’t’ just take this whip and beat up Dracula.  That being said however, some great fight scenes have to be in order, since it’s mainly an action/adventure franchise that may be getting adapted and I just want a fight scene set to this track OK.


Honestly, everything I’d want in this series is more geared towards an adult audience, or more like if Castlevania were going to become an anime, but I can dream, can’t I?  I will have my fingers crossed that the speculation that the new series will be a Castlevania one comes true, because I think it would be perfect to adapt to a cartoon.


Do you have any video game franchises you’d want to be adapted into a cartoon series?  If so, what would you want from the show.